The Fleetwood // Wheat Harvest

The Fleetwood // Wheat Harvest


For the man who has everything. Literally, everything.

In 1975 the Cadillac Fleetwood established itself as the longest commercially available vehicle ever made. The inside was dripping in fine leather and was lined with exotic wood.  The Bee Gee's album "Main Course" came standard and legend has it Bootsy Collin's Fleetwood was powered by the funk.

We wanted to pay homage to Bootsy and that beautiful land yacht known as The Fleetwood.  

Coming in as our longest wallet, it has the ability to carry all your pocket personals, and a whole lot of soul. Configured with up to 8 card pockets and two currency slots, you can fill this fella up with 16 cards and enough cold hard cash to pay for that glistening perm.

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