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The Davy

RUmor has it he killed a bear when he was only 3.

You may not be able to pull off a coon skin cap, but this piece of legendary leather is sure to be a faithful companion on any journey you embark on.  A little piece of the Hero of the Alamo accompanying you on your great adventure. Wander Far.

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The Lance

improvise. adapt. overcome.

The United States Marine Corps is, without question, the fiercest fighting organization in the world.  The backbone of the Corps? The Lance Corporal. In all his regulation stretching, hair standards violating, slightly disgruntled glory. They do more with less, because it keeps them just angry enough to liberate countries. Semper Gumby warriors.


The Highwayman

"perhaps i may become a highwayman again"

Papa Union wasn't even old enough to drink bourbon when he began piloting a plane for a young Texas troubadour by the name of Willie Nelson. I designed this wallet for my old man in honor of his tales of mischief and mayhem with Willie by his side.

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We are more than purveyors of pocket organization.

The more leather we have around us, the happier we are.  We are constantly looking for ways to surround ourselves with as much leather as possible.